Matt Risinger’s passion for building high performance homes and building science education
ignited the formation of The Build Show Network. Matt’s journey began as a youth when he
started volunteering to help the elderly do much needed maintenance on the homes they
owned. This sparked his interest in construction and building which led him to get a
degree in industrial management. He began his professional career working for National
Production Builders in DC. After 7 years, Matt moved to Portland where he was exposed to
the national mold crisis and applied building science to solve these mold issues with his
In 2005, Matt moved to Austin and launched Risinger Build custom homes. In 2007, Matt
launched a Better Building Science blog and started posting YouTube short videos a year
later. Matt evolved to creating longer YouTube videos and fast forward to 2018 and Matt’s
followers grew to over 500k. With the continued growing interest in his videos, Matt
launched Build Productions, the Build Show and the Build Show Network platform in 2019.
By December 2020, the Build Show Network created a newsletter and Matt’s social channel
followers reached over 900k. In 2021, the Build Show Network continued to expand with the
launch of Matt’s Podcast and a team of 8 expert contributors.
The Build Show Network is proud to partner with our valued clients to craft unique
advertising and sponsorship programs. Our collaborations have driven amazing marketing
results that keep our clients coming back to us!