Let’s Renovate a Bathroom

Discover all the essential information you need to master the art of bathroom renovation. Zack will steer the viewer towards making informed decisions, whether it’s selecting the perfect contractors, demystifying plumbing and electrical work, picking the ideal paint shades, or finalizing those essential finishing touches.

Episodes and Topics to Include:

  • Episode 1: Project Review, Site Needs, Demolition, and Cleanup
  • Episode 2: Rough Framing, Subfloor, and Blocking
  • Episode 3: MEP Rough
  • Episode 4: Wall & Floor Prep and Soundproofing
  • Episode 5: Water and Proofing Prep
  • Episode 6: Tile, Grout, and Cleanup
  • Episode 11: Drywall and Paint
  • Episode 12: Fixture & Finishes and Towel Bars

New Monthly Episodes Released July – December 2024