Content Marketing Services

Here at The Build Show we have a team of content experts dedicated to creating and distributing meaningful content for your company – content that puts you at the forefront of audiences’ minds, talking about issues that matter to them and elevating your company in search results.

Our experienced content team will produce carefully developed articles that can be used to drive traffic in e-mail marketing campaigns, and for social posts. This expert content will educate, inform, and move buyers along on their journey to purchase.


Your products and services will be featured in short form videos that will drive brand awareness, site traffic and thought leadership. These videos will be developed by the Build Show Network team in collaboration with your
marketing team. Each video will be 2-3 minutes in length and will be accompanied by a 150-200 word written description for SEO purposes.

Videos will be posted in the vendor section o and on your designated platforms.


Is a unique mixture of SEO tactics and a deep look at the industry, its key players, and its audience to discover exactly what they’re looking for, how they’re interacting with your content and what you should be creating to meet their needs.

Our Meaning Making services provide clients with tangible content recommendations that are not solely based on SEO, but also include a human touch and an intimate look at your audiences’ needs so you can be at the forefront of their discoveries.

How our meaning making service works:

Each month, we’ll deliver 10 content recommendations that include suggested headlines and key points that should be discussed in your content piece. (Meaning Making services included with 10 content pieces).


We tap into a broad pool of industry experts to craft content that is right for your audience, such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Basic Articles
  • Short-Form Articles
  • Long Form/White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Custom content solutions also available

In addition, we have a selection of skilled graphic designers to develop assets such as eBooks and infographics.


We will investigate, analyze, and diagnose your website and then provide recommendations on how to improve and increase your traffic. This includes incoming links, site rank, keyword rank, and traffic breakdown. Ultimately, we want to discover where your website stands right now and offer you a road map to achieve success with suggested article topics and breakdowns.

We will provide a detailed report that encompasses:

  • User journey: keyword, intent, and pages visited
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Recommendations for future growth
  • Events that need improvement

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